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  • ANCHOR SOUND -Recording | Mixing | Mastering. 
    Located in the Minden Hills area - 8k East of Minden, ON (off Hwy 35) or 2.5 hrs north of Toronto - not too far not to come! 
  • REMOTE RECORDING - Location and live, up to 16 tracks.

Producer | Engineer | Mixing | Mastering

For over 25 years in the music industry with credits on numerous recordings as a guitarist / producer / engineer / mixer and mastering engineer, including his own work as a composer.  In 1987, worked at Phase One as assistant engineer, in an environment dedicated to music and making albums.  A graduate from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College - a unique program that inspires musicianship, songwriting, production and the art of recording engineering.  Studied music at Humber College.  In addition to the benefits of combining his musical, compositional and technical skills with those he works with, Ray's clients say that he 'plugs into the music' and has the ability to capture good performances through a relaxed approach in the studio. 

Whatever your goals are, I will assist you in realizing your vision, whether it's recording your songs, your band, fine tuning with some pre-pro or having some fine session musicians play on your tracks.  Please call or email me with any questions you might have!


 Anchor Sound   


"Ray Montford is an excellent engineer with big, musical ears, and he's a pleasure to work with". 
- Ed Hanley of Autorickshaw

"He brought to "Lifelines" a compassionate ear and a lot of heart. Ray knows when the magic is in the air and captures it in the spirit of great engineers."
- David Bradstreet

"Ray's dedication to my project was next to none".  With his musical ears, experience and sonic aesthetic, he created this really cool modern and 'ol time sound, at the same time.
- Howard Willett and Blue Smoke


                                   view from Anchor Studio















Recording Equipment

Toft 16X8 console, legendary Malcolm Toft Eq, 6 aux sends
Pro Tools 11
Black Lion Audio Signature Series 002
Pro Ac Studio 100 monitors
NAD S200 power amp
LaChapelle 583 mic pre
2X Shadow Hills Mono Gama mic pres
2X Avedis Audio mic pres
2X Black Lion Audio 173 mic pres
API 2500 stereo buss compressor
Drawmer stereo comp
Neve 2264 ALB comp/lim
Lexicon PCM90
Lexicon MXP-1 Reverb
Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb
Ibanez SRV-1000 Reverb
Roland SRV-330


Manley Massive Passive Mastering EQ
Manley Vari-Mu Mastering comp/lim
Mytek Stereo 96 ADC
Focus Rite D/A
Harbeth SLH5 Reference Monitors
LFD SpiroFlex speaker cable


Royer SF-12
stereo ribbon
Royer R-121 ribbon
Neumann km-84 condenser
AKG 414 condenser
AKG 4051 condenser
2X Audio-Technica 4040 condenser
Peluso P-12 tube
Marshall V-77 tube
Kel HD-1 condenser
2X Kel condenser
Beyer M 88 TG dynamic
Shure SM7 dynamic
3X Shure 57 dynamic
Shure 58 dynamic