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There is nothing like having a room full of musicians...

and being a part of the process that transforms

their vision into something they can enjoy for a long time - it's a great feeling.

- Ray Montford | Anchor Sound

Ever since completing ‘rock’n’roll’ school at Fanshawe college in 1984 - a program that inspired songwriting, production, creativity and the art of recording - I’ve been compelled to make and record music and assist others in realizing their vision.

In 1995, I opened my first studio and starting doing just that.  My tech heart is 'ol school analog but since acquiring Protools recording and editing software, I've been committed to amalgamating the best of both worlds.  All mixes goes through the analog console, to create warmth and dimension.  High quality microphones and pre-amps are used for recording,  For mastering, I have a combo of high-end tube and solid-state gear.

Whatever your goals are, I can assist you in recording your songs, your band, fine tuning with some pre-pro or having some fine session musicians play on your tracks.  Please don't hesitate to tell me about your project and we'll discuss it together.


Anchor Sound - Gear

  • Toft mixing console
  • Pro Tools Black Lion Audio Signature Series
  • Pro Ac Studio 100 monitors
  • NAD S200 power amp
  • LaChapelle 583 mic pre
  • 2X Shadow Hills Mono Gama mic pres
  • 2X Avedis Audio mic pres
  • 2X Black Lion Audio 173 mic pres
  • API 2500 stereo buss compressor
  • Drawmer stereo comp
  • Neve 2264 ALB comp/lim
  • Lexicon PCM90
  • Lexicon MXP-1 Reverb
  • Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb
  • Ibanez SRV-1000 Reverb
  • Roland SRV-330


Mastering Gear

  • Manley Massive Passive Mastering EQ
  • Manley Vari-Mu Mastering comp/lim
  • API 2500 stereo buss compressor
  • Mytek Stereo 96 ADC
  • Focus Rite D/A
  • Harbeth SLH5 Reference Monitors
  • LFD NCSE MK11 Amp
  • LFD SpiroFlex speaker cable



  • Royer SF-12 ribbon
  • Royer R-121 ribbon
  • Neumann km-84 condenser
  • AKG 414 condenser
  • AKG 4051 condenser
  • 2X Audio-Technica 4040 condenser
  • Peluso P-12 tube
  • Marshall V-77 tube
  • Kel HD-1 condenser
  • 2X Kel condenser
  • Beyer M 88 TG dynamic
  • Shure SM7 dynamic
  • 3X Shure 57 dynamic
  • Shure 58 dynamic