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This is my beloved strat and desert island guitar. The multiple tones and colours this axe can produce are featured on all of my records. It's an American made re-issue of a 1957, made in 1981. I installed Stevie-Ray Vaughn custom texas specials (pick-ups) and an active EMG mid-boost. I also had the radius flattened and bigger frets put in. The burn mark on the head stock happened while composing a tune in Delhi - what would eventually evolve into blind to beauty from the record a fragile balance - and while I bent down to adjust some pedals on the floor, little did I know, my head stock was being messaged by a candle's flame.

I recommend these gorgeous hand made acoustics to anyone. Meticulously hand-crafted by luthier Ted Thompson from Vernon, British Columbia. This is his T2-X; a 12th fret guitar (where body joins the neck) which means that there's more string vibration over the body. Ingelman spruce top with Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard. It took a little longer to arrive, but it was worth it!

This hollow-body electric was hand made by Jo Yanuziello from Toronto and is all over my new record a fragile balance. Jo's work and attention to detail is evident in the beauty and quality that his instruments have. This has a curly maple top, mahogany back, sides, neck and ebony fretboard. Equipped with Lindy Fralin pick-ups, its sound is smooth, mellow and buttery.

This is a lovely Gretsch re-issue of the Tennesee Rose which Chet Atkins played.

This telecaster is also American made and is a 1954 re-ssue. Its great tone is featured on the healing and i can hear you now from a fragile balance. I imagine the body is alder like most vintages guitars were. The neck pick-up is original and I recently stuck a Seymour Duncan alnico-blue single coil in the bridge position.

The two first pics are of my Raimundo classical guitar, assembly-produced in Spain, which has a built-in pick-up and electronics, which I'm not crazy about, but it's a decent sounding guitar just the same. The 'classical' guys have really killer and expensive hand-made ones.

The last pic is of a seriously modified National Silvertone (like the ones David Lindley always plays and I think Jimmy Page used one on Kashmir tuned to DADGAD). I bought this guitar at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville while travelling throught the Appalachian mountains with a buddy on our motorcycles, not quite Che Guevera style but with the same spirit. I took the neck off and strapped it and the body to my pack and rode home with it. The custom paint job is courtesy of the colourful drummer Great Bob Scott who I used to play with in the wonderful zany band The Look People.