Introducing the studio's new engine - a Trident console, state-of-the-art and legendary.

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"come to the hills where the air is sweet and so are the sounds"

located in Wakefield, Québec (just 25 min. from Ottawa)

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Anchor Sound is owned and operated by composer/producer/engineer Ray Montford, with the purpose of providing a relaxed space for musicians to thrive in, utilizing high quality gear to create great sounding recordings.  Including the control room, there are three rooms to record tracks in, on two separate floors.  There also some nooks with closed doors, to mic up guitar amps.  The space is ideal for small to medium size ensembles and suitable for roots, folk, country, singer-songwriter, jazz, classical and acoustic music of any kind. 

Outside there is deck with a BBQ and hummingbirds.  There's also the beautiful Gatineau river, located a one minute walk away, for those hot days when you need a quick dip, or just a nice walk.  Full kitchen, two bathrooms, lounge space, WI-FI. 

With an education in music at Humber and recording engineering and production at Fanshawe, Ray has been making records for over 30 years.  His love for composition, sound, arranging and production, is further enhanced by his years of dedicated listening to over 2,000 LPs, spanning all genres, that he's been collecting since the age of 14.  

Since opening his first studio in 1995 in Toronto, and in addition to recording and producing his own albums, he has hosted sessions for various artists, singer-songwriters and producers such as, Terry Brown, Chris Hall, Lynn Moffatt, Autorickshaw, David Bradstreet, Jason Fowler, Ron Sexsmith, Mary-Jane Lamond, Ravi Naimpally, Lorraine Seggato, Danny Greenspoon, Oliver Schroer (RIP), Katherine Wheatley, Cookie Rankin, David Woodhead, Phil Jenkins, Ian Tamblyn and great guest musicians like, drummers Gary Craig & Ben Riley; bass players John Dymond, Russ Boswell, Tom Lewis; and keyboardist Steve O'Connor.    

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