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$400/day - Includes production, recording, mixing.
$80/song - Mastering, to a max of $1,000/CD

This is a reference only, as every project is different.  The best thing to do is to get in touch so we can discuss your project.  All rates plus tax.

My goal is to offer exceptional value with world-class results, utilizing awesome gear.
Please note: I specialize in offering great package deals for album projects which include the following services: production, guitar work, recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. 
Making music is better when half an eye is not on the clock.


The studio can accommodate 18 live tracks to offer a full recording service, that fits the needs of most projects.

Location Recording

12 tracks live location recording.  Please add $150 for cartage to cover first and last day.  For locations further than 50k, a nominal travel charge will be added.


The studio now has the Toft mixing console which can handle up to 32 tracks for mixing and provides a high quality signal path, to add warmth and depth to your mixes. Mixes are fed through an API 2500 bus compressor, into a Mytek A/D converter - the same one used for mastering sessions.  All analog mixes can be recalled through photo recall.


In 2010, I made the leap to the wonderful 'black magic' world of mastering.  With the usual expensive cost of this service at dedicated mastering houses, I wanted to offer artists the option to get similar results, at a fraction of the cost, with the same analog path found in some of the big mastering studios.

Production & Song Development

Production covers a wide umbrella, but in a nutshell is responsible for the final 'sound and feel' of the track - which is largely determined by the musicianship, mix, instrumentation, parts and arrangement.  Song development is part of that, in the sense that a producer will often suggest tempo, key changes and sometimes harmonic (chord) changes to make the song stronger and have a bigger impact. 

As a composer and producer, I realize there are many different ways to make music and my goal is to always make the artist feel comfortable and relaxed in order to capture their best performance.  Quite often, the best take is when someone is warming up or running the track for the first time, without knowing that we're recording.  I'm equally comfortable producing or engineering a self-produced session and providing an objective voice as a team player to help with the results.  For solo artists or singer/songwriters, I like to bring in wonderful studio musicians to play on the tracks, as their experience and flow in the studio create high-end results and good efficiency. 


If you like, I can play exciting guitar parts on your tune, be it on acoustic or electric, adding textured parts, solos, rhythm parts etc.  $125/song.